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UK MNer with a child aged 3-14? Specsavers Panel Sign up time; £100 to be won. PANEL SIGN UP NOW CLOSED

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AnnMumsnet · 30/09/2014 11:25

The team at Specsavers have asked us to find at least 200 MNers to join their special MN Specsavers parents’ panel.

We’re looking for a cross section of parents for this – regardless of who in the family – if anyone – wears glasses or contacts. The panel will be put to work across the next few months and this will involve taking part in a series of feedback based activities for Specsavers.

All should have at least one child aged 3 to 14 and live in the UK.

For example – though it’s all still to be decided/ finalised: surveys, checking and reviewing content pages for the Specsavers hub and Children's Eye Care content page on Mumsnet. In addition, when we have Specsavers activity on site we will drop you a line and you’d be welcome to take part (e.g. sponsored thread, competition, survey etc)

Some of this will be onsite and some will be done via email or in a private area of MN. We can’t guarantee every panel member will take part in every activity but everyone should be able to do at least one. And we can't - at this stage - guarantee how many activities there will be. Each time we have an activity there will be a prize draw incentive as a thank you for taking part.

As a thank you, everyone who signs up to the panel this week will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £100 voucher for the store of their choice.

If you’d like to join please add your details here and we will be in touch soon with the first activity.

Thanks – any questions please ask!

UK MNer with a child aged 3-14? Specsavers Panel Sign up time; £100 to be won. PANEL SIGN UP NOW CLOSED
OP posts:
fuzzpig · 30/09/2014 14:25

Done :)

ouryve · 30/09/2014 14:54

Oooh. This one looks interesting!

whohasnickedmyvodka · 30/09/2014 16:30

I have entered as well :) :)

ChildrenOfTheDamned · 30/09/2014 18:43


rupert23 · 30/09/2014 19:28

i have entered fingers crossed

Blondieminx · 01/10/2014 00:01

Done Smile

IneedAwittierNickname · 01/10/2014 00:39


BikeRunSki · 01/10/2014 08:04


MissSusanStoHelit · 01/10/2014 10:17

Done too - how interesting!

heartisaspade · 01/10/2014 10:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pixiedusk · 01/10/2014 10:33

Done. =)

AnnMumsnet · 01/10/2014 10:52

Hi - heartisaspade - we don't have the resources to send out incentives to everyone who takes part in projects like this on MN. Rest assured though all responses are very much appreciated. We do feel that offering an incentive where everyone has a chance of winning one BIG prize is a good incentive. We do have projects via our panel (which you're welcome to sign up to here, if you're not already on board, where sometimes everyone gets something, plus, of course, lots of chances to win. Flowers

OP posts:
Boobyandthebeads67 · 01/10/2014 16:39


heartisaspade · 01/10/2014 18:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnnMumsnet · 01/10/2014 19:11

it's not the prize fund size that's the issue with everyone getting something, it's the work involved. Anyway your points have been noted.

OP posts:
Liveinthepresent · 01/10/2014 23:03


KraggleLego · 02/10/2014 14:30


CookieM0nster · 02/10/2014 21:27

Done :-)

Looiloo79 · 02/10/2014 23:03

Done Smile

droitwichmummy · 03/10/2014 17:29


AgathaHannigan · 03/10/2014 19:30


Hellokittycat · 03/10/2014 19:53


AnnMumsnet · 08/10/2014 14:02

Thanks to everyone who signed up for this: we now have your details on file.
Am pleased to say zz78 was picked at random as the winner of the £100 voucher. We will be in touch soonest with activity!

OP posts:
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