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To decorate my neighbour’s new ‘no parking outside my door’ signs with a bit of tinsel?

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AnneTwackie · 20/12/2018 20:10

The sign glows in the dark. It is rather large and looks awful.

OP posts:
flowery · 20/12/2018 20:11

I think we need to see it...

Grilledaubergines · 20/12/2018 20:11

Does said neighbour have any right to tell people not to park?

ichbineinstasumer · 20/12/2018 20:13

oh go on...

AnneTwackie · 20/12/2018 20:15

No right, it’s a road outside their house but they have designated parking bays. It’s only ever visitors, their visitors park there too

OP posts:
AnneTwackie · 20/12/2018 20:16

I wish I could get a picture but have to go in stealth mode

OP posts:
ThatssomebadhatHarry · 20/12/2018 20:20

Yabu diagram or photo or no advice. It’s the law.

mirren3 · 20/12/2018 20:20

Yes, it's the law, we need a picture or at least a diagram for a parking thread.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants · 20/12/2018 20:21

Yeah, pic or it didn't happen Xmas Grin

John4703 · 20/12/2018 20:23

Go for it, tinsel will improve it.

AnneTwackie · 20/12/2018 20:23

This is a daylight picture, it glows green at night

To decorate my neighbour’s new ‘no parking outside my door’ signs with a bit of tinsel?
OP posts:
ItWentInMyEye · 20/12/2018 20:23

Absolutely need a photo.

MrsExpo · 20/12/2018 20:24

What!!! .... just a bit of tinsel?

OP, i have some battery operated fairy lights I could lend you .....

Santaispackinghissleigh · 20/12/2018 20:24

Can you paint a 'w' on the end of 'no'?

AnneTwackie · 20/12/2018 20:25

I have some cotton wool to do a snowy ground too, don’t want it to look shit

OP posts:
FestiveNut · 20/12/2018 20:26

Is there a drop kerb? If not, just tell your guests to ignore it.

XmasPostmanBos · 20/12/2018 20:26

This looks like a place for an elf to park.

FestiveNut · 20/12/2018 20:26


AnneTwackie · 20/12/2018 20:28

I couldn’t give a shiny shite about the parking issue, it’s just not very festive is it?

OP posts:
AnneTwackie · 20/12/2018 20:29

xmaspostman now that my love is the kind of thinking I need

OP posts:
badlydrawnperson · 20/12/2018 20:32

YANBU OP - needs much tinsel :)

Whatelsecouldibecalled · 20/12/2018 20:34

Please do decorate it! Place marking to see what you do x

Skatersbeskating · 20/12/2018 20:34

Stick a - "Please park here" sign over it Halo

Katiepoes · 20/12/2018 20:35

Perhaps a 'Santa please stop here' sign right in front of it?

FuzzyCustard · 20/12/2018 20:35

Can you change "parking" to "farting"?

glueandstick · 20/12/2018 20:37

Get a toy jcb from the charity shop and get an elf to park it badly next to it. Preferably crashed into it.

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