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Low lying placenta

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Ilovechinese · 17/04/2022 02:15

Has anyone on here had a low lying placenta at 35 weeks and had it move up enough to have a natural birth?

OP posts:
fallfallfall · 17/04/2022 02:20

how low lying at this point and are you expecting multiples?

Ilovechinese · 17/04/2022 03:11

He said it's 17 mm from the os and yes twins

OP posts:
AugustSeptemberOctober · 17/04/2022 03:24

What type of twins are you having? Mine are MCDA and I had a low lying placenta. My consultant was clear that c section was the only option, especially with the higher risk of the single placenta. Good luck, I absolutely love having twins! They really do bring double the joy Smile

Ilovechinese · 17/04/2022 09:15

They are fraternal so have their own sacs and placentas, the top twins placenta is a normal position just the bottom one is low. I'm hoping I can keep them in as long as possible to give it a chance to move

OP posts:
User363957392727 · 17/04/2022 09:36

I had a low lying placenta & ended up having a planned c section. I can’t fully remember how many mm it was from os sorry. I say this gently and with kindness - could you use the terms vaginal birth, not natural birth? If you do end up having a c section it will help massively with coming to terms with birth x

Ilovechinese · 17/04/2022 11:00

Yeah it's just I'm really scared of having a c section

OP posts:
workingmomlife · 17/04/2022 15:51

My little twins placenta was very very low - it ended up detaching and I had an emergency c section at 34 weeks. Honestly a c section is really not that bad x

AugustSeptemberOctober · 17/04/2022 22:30


Yeah it's just I'm really scared of having a c section

If you do end up needing one, please try not to stress about it. I am the biggest wimp ever and lost so much sleep over knowing I'd be having a section. It was nowhere near as bad as I thought, literally all you are focused on is that you're about to meet the babies! Now I wish I'd worried less and rested well while I could Grin
Ilovechinese · 24/04/2022 02:45

Could you feel them doing it? As that's what im worried about as well as I've heard some people say you can feel their hands inside you

OP posts:
doingitforthegirls · 24/04/2022 18:23


No it was just a weird tugging feeling - couldn't feel anything - my first was wedged really high up so felt like they were really pulling to get her out like she was stuck in there 😂 twins were an emergency and they were literally dragging them out within seconds of each other

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