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Payslips, Bills etc. How long do you keep them?

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purpleturtle · 04/07/2005 15:45

I've been sorting out a bit of paperwork today - house sale pending, and all that - and I realise I've got payslips going back 10 years, and gas and electricity bills going back a bit too. I'm prepared to chuck a fair bit out, but was wondering whether to keep a year or two worth. Any thoughts?

OP posts:
jessicaandbumpsmummy · 04/07/2005 15:46

i usually keep a year of everything, including pay statements.

Dont forget to shred all old paperwork - never just throw away.

SaintGeorge · 04/07/2005 15:49

Anything to do with the IR (payslips, P60's etc) keep for a minimum of 7 years.

Mosschops30 · 04/07/2005 15:51

Message withdrawn

purpleturtle · 04/07/2005 15:54

See, I thought there was a 7 year rule. But I really don't need gas bills for a house I haven't lived in for 3 years, from a company I'm no longer using, do I?!

OP posts:
SaintGeorge · 04/07/2005 15:59

You would think not - but I still get final demands from an electricity company that I was never a customer of, going back over 4 years now. I have to refer them back to their own correspondence everytime.

I have now scanned all the paperwork and destroyed the originals though, so at least it takes up less space.

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