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Rights when buying second hand

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Hayls · 28/06/2005 08:32

What are your rights when buying second hand from a private seller?
I ask because we recently bought a new car and when we asked if it had air con was told it did but would need a charge so we did that at a cost of £60. NExt day air con didn't work so we called the garage again and upon further investigation we found out that the radiator needed replaced- potential cost £400. Aargh!
Secondly, my mum bought a second hand pc (high spec etc) and since then has had it repaired tens of times (the guy who sold it to her has fixed it at a cost each time). She worked out last night that it has spent more time without it than with it ifswim.
I had resigned myself to it being bad luck and nothing more but are there any rights when buying privately?

OP posts:
Fran1 · 28/06/2005 09:02

I think this will be different for each seller and what their terms of sale are.

If you don't have any paperwork to say there is a guarantee then they'll more than likely tell you it was sold as seen.

Maybe ring the garage (without letting them know who you are) and ask what a buyers rights are.

lemonice · 28/06/2005 09:03

Caveat emptor for private sales

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