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Extra tax credit been given!

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triplets · 05/06/2005 22:55

Have sent my review form back in, circumstances havent changed. Just checked my account and see two further tax credits have been paid in, dont know why. Has anyone else found this?

OP posts:
emily05 · 05/06/2005 22:59

see this thread

This happened to me and they paid me £1000's extra and it has taken them 6 months to sort out. What a nightmare. Make a note of who ever you speak to and phone them tomorrow to check they have your correct details (especially the wages right - this is what they botched up with us)

acnebride · 07/06/2005 12:44

Colleague of mine got massive overpayment which they insisted was hers for several months until suddenly they wanted it back. Don't spend any extra!

Pagan · 07/06/2005 12:48

Yup - got about £1200 extra and thought it was a tax rebate asI'd given up work. Ha! Ended up not getting a sausage for months afterwards as they had overpaid me.

expatinscotland · 07/06/2005 12:51

Interesting article about this in today's Scotsman.

Personally, I think this 'we cocked up, now we want it back' is bollocks. It's their JOB to calculate these properly. Their system cost the taxpayers millions to set up.

If you've had a problem with this, I think a letter to your MP would be a good thing.

tax credits bill

jambo1707 · 09/06/2005 20:29

I agree tax credits is a lot of shite

you tell them your earnings they write to you with your payments


6 months later

Dear mrs ?????

You owe us money WE overpaid you
Well your mistake peeps thats what we want to say but these fuckers stop all credit

We get £51 pw for 3 boys to sfa as they made the mistake

Never will understand this bunch of muppets

snafu · 09/06/2005 20:31

Yep, have just been told I owe them £600. Can't for the life of me see how. Nothing's changed.

If they can't work it out properly, how is that my fault?

Gobbledigook · 09/06/2005 20:32

A friend of a friend got a one-off payment of £10,000 into her bank account by accident. In the end, they have let her keep it but said they won't pay her any more ever again! I'd rather have the £10K lump sum wouldn't you?!

bubblerock · 09/06/2005 20:38

I've had extra - put it in your savings account and earn interest until they ask for it back

expatinscotland · 09/06/2005 20:55

I got the same thing. I'm appealing. I wrote down my earnings to the pence directly off my P60. There's no other money or assets. It's their job to calculate the credits. If they want it to be mine, I'll be happy to take it over - would probably do a better job!

Thing is, if you read the article I posted a link to, they're not devulging the extent of their mistakes.

And the working poor are the least able to afford it.

Why should I have to pay someone when THEY made the fucking mistake and I was nothing but honest and truthful?!

Makes me sick!

jambo1707 · 09/06/2005 21:02

There was also a big spread in the daily paper only around 3-5 days ago on how this bunch of arses have overpaid millions of people.

They are still undecided what to do but I feel they should be writting off the debt

THEY made the mistake THEY should pay for it noy us, especially when they write to inform us of the payments

expatinscotland · 09/06/2005 21:18

Have you ever tried to access your account on their website? It's even worse than all their letters!

This is my second attempt and it's already gone tits-up.

Of course, the helpdesk number is a chargeable one.

Well, I'm skint b/c of having to pay back these bloody credits, so I'll have to phone from work tomorrow - not that they'd be open during evenings, anyhow.

I agree, jambo. I was honest with them. THEY are the one who miscalculated it.

ssd · 09/06/2005 21:20

I agree it's not fair. They make the mistakes and we suffer for it.

ScrewballMuppet · 09/06/2005 21:30

They don't know their heads from their ass's. We've been overpaid underpaid and everytime we ring up we get a new tax credit thing through the post a few days later with different tax credit payments on.

Fed up to the back teeth with them, wasn't so bad when we werent dependant on the money but now we are
so their botch ups can really cause problems for us.

Bonkerz · 09/06/2005 21:31

Tax credits is the worst IMO.

Long story but we were apparently overpaid by £2500, didnt know how then was told tc put wrong wage in for dh. They HAVE admitted it was their fault but have now said i owe money from 3 years ago!! They took all last years tc from us (over £900) and now are saying we will get none this year either (nearly £600) and that we STILL owe them £200 and this is after they have admitted the mistake was theirs and will pay us back our money that we paid to the overpayment.
I made an informal complaint then a formal complaint and then emailed the adjudicator and finally someone from head office has taken over our account to sort it out but they are trying to deny knowledge of things and hide info they have! luckily i have everything!

Keep very good records so they cant deny and also ask whoever you speak to to tell you what is on you case file and record time of call and duration, also handy to ask whoever you speak to for barcode numbers for the awards notices that they refer too.

expatinscotland · 09/06/2005 21:36

I make copies of everything I send them, including the annual review sheets. Of course, they still screwed me over.

SO sick of this 'system'.

How many other places make you pay them back for mistakes they make?

We had to ask my folks for money and take on debt b/c they overpaid us even though we sent them correct information straight off the P60, which they as the IR have access to anyway.

WTF? Wonder how many folks have wound up homeless b/c of their cock-ups?

jambo1707 · 09/06/2005 21:38

my sister works for them in bathgate call centre.

she said its amazing the shite the call centre staff get about this, there are people benn over paid 20k man

surely the government need to give a huge shake up of this system it certainly aint working is it- especially for working families

expatinscotland · 09/06/2005 21:45

£20K??!!! F-ing hell!

jambo1707 · 09/06/2005 21:53

I know what a fuckup they made there eh

but I live in hope justice will be done for us working parents

we should protest


bloodhq · 07/07/2005 13:08

When ever you phone & make any changes it prodeuces a new award notice for you. I think the system is good but there is a lot of room for improvement. We have never been overpaid when ever i recieve an award notice i check out the income brackets & try to stay in them. If it looks like we are going to go over I call them straight away.

I asked them about the p60 figures & they say that thay use it to calculate the new award, and that if you think it's going to be different you need to tell them

Easy · 07/07/2005 13:14

If the payment is more that £100, and you think you may have to pay it back, then buy premium bonds with it.

That way the money is safely stashed away until they ask for it back, and you may win some money with it in the meantime.

gothicmama · 07/07/2005 13:23

happen to me tehn about 3 days later award letter came and teh money was mine cos tehy had finalised last years award

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