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Anyone know how long it takes to sell premium bonds?

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Mud · 31/05/2005 19:58

Can you just cash them in over the counter in post office and get a direct payment into bank account? or does it take time to process

OP posts:
poppy101 · 31/05/2005 19:58

I presumed you had to send back in the post ?

poppy101 · 31/05/2005 19:58

I presumed you had to send back in the post ?

Mud · 31/05/2005 19:59

no really?

OP posts:
poppy101 · 31/05/2005 20:02

I thought so, which is one reason why I hung onto my one, not too sure though ? I now it takes a little time by the post

Easy · 31/05/2005 20:03

You get a form from the post office, and fill it in to send it to the National savings.

They will return a cheque to you in less than 14 days.

Too risky to cash them in at the post office, anyone could nick them then cash them in couldn't they? Remember, you can hold up to 30,000

onlyjoking9329 · 31/05/2005 20:05

i think you have to fill in a form and send it off, bonds will be drawn tomorrow so hang on til after that you might win

Easy · 31/05/2005 20:06

Yes, I have to pay for my holiday on 11th July, but will be withdrawing premium bonds on 2nd july, so I get the extra chance on july 1st.

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