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how long between going to court and sentancing???

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sparklymieow · 27/05/2005 09:31

After having huge problems with my neighbours I have found out that he is going back to prison soon, how long is it between court hearing or being charged and sentancing?? Just would like to know when I can relax again....

OP posts:
marialuisa · 27/05/2005 09:40

In a case we're involved with it's a month between the guilty verdict and sentencing. In this case there has to be medical reports etc. as there is a chance of a jail sentence but it isn't mandatory.


sparklymieow · 27/05/2005 09:43

I have been reading in the local papers that a lot of cases are taking about a year, from charging to sentancing, just worried that we will have to wait a year. Not sure if he has been to court yet, so hoping his court date comes soon and he gets sentanced straight away.

OP posts:
ggglimpopo · 27/05/2005 09:58

Message withdrawn

sparklymieow · 27/05/2005 10:13

People keep saying 'he is goimg back inside soon' how long is soon, A month, 2 months, next week???!!!!! feels like my life is on hold till he is back inside..........

OP posts:
cod · 27/05/2005 10:17

Message withdrawn

sparklymieow · 27/05/2005 10:21

so it could be soon then, I am not sure if he has been to court yet. I know he got charged with GBH or ABH, he attacked a bloke with his two brothers and really hurt him, put him in hospital. He has only been out of prison about a year (got done for GBH, threatening behaviour, breaking and entering and some other stuff) He will get a prison sentance this time won't he???

OP posts:
marialuisa · 27/05/2005 10:50

If he's not been to court it could be a while in the case we know about it has taken 3.5 years between arrest and guilty verdict but the guy involved messed around a lot and had the case delayed on health grounds numerous times. Also defence fought over admissibilty of some evidence, but "your" case sounds more starightforward!

cod · 29/05/2005 10:46

Message withdrawn

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