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p60/P45 question

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lilsmum · 23/05/2005 23:36

i worked part time for about 3 months before xmas, and have gone self employed in jan i need to fill my tax return in, but need details off my p60/p45 for what i earned in the part time job because i havent got a clue how do i get my p60? shouldnt i have already got this by now? or do you not get one when self employed? as you can tell i am very confused

OP posts:
lilsmum · 23/05/2005 23:44

bump before going to bed

OP posts:
mears · 23/05/2005 23:47

you should have got your P60 for your part time work from employer . Ring them up.

lilsmum · 23/05/2005 23:47

bit scared mears as didnt leave on good terms iykwim

OP posts:
mears · 23/05/2005 23:48

they should still send it to you. You have a right to have it.

lilsmum · 23/05/2005 23:49

i got completely ignored my whole shift for having rang in because dd was vomiting (and i offered to ring around to find someone to cover)so i just didnt turn in

OP posts:
lilsmum · 23/05/2005 23:50

didnt turn in for the next shift after being blanked for 5 hrs! thats what i meant

OP posts:
mears · 23/05/2005 23:55

Did you get your P45?

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