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Savings for Children - not child trust fund - which are best?

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lisalisa · 12/04/2005 11:29

Message withdrawn

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lisalisa · 12/04/2005 14:32

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frogs · 12/04/2005 14:44

I recommend once again the excellent website from The Motley Fool .

They have a special Saving for Children section, and a Investing for Children discussion board.

FWIW I put the kids money, plus odds and ends, into a Nationwide kids account (not currently the market leader, but one of the most consistently high rates). When it gets to £1000 I take it out and put it into an M&G UK index tracker, which is unexciting but as safe as equities get. Low fees, too.

I'm putting the CTF money for dd2 (when it arrives!) into the F&C fund, but won't be adding my own contributions, as would rather invest them separately. (Cynical about what govt. might do with CTF funds in the future).

Are you coming to the City lunch on Thursday, lisalisa?

tigi · 12/04/2005 14:51

I have just had a po children bond mature- 5 years with a bonus in the 5th year, but to reiinvest its only 4.00% (fixed for term_) which is really low. I had a look at motley fool too, and should be able to get 5.25-5.75, but is has to be in childs name which I'd rather not do, as not so easy to move around when looking for a better rate

tigi · 12/04/2005 14:52

by the way- a po childrens bond is Post Office!
Thought I'd better explain myself!

lisalisa · 12/04/2005 15:04

Message withdrawn

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