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Calling MRS COD JP

29 replies

JanH · 30/03/2005 13:02

cod dear, please have a look here and give us your professional opinion?

OP posts:
JanH · 30/03/2005 13:32


OP posts:
JanH · 30/03/2005 15:03


OP posts:
JanH · 30/03/2005 15:04

I suppose someone will tell me now she's away for the rest of the week...sigh...

OP posts:
suzywong · 30/03/2005 15:06

Nah Jan
she's sleeping off a bender in her Morris Maestro

jampots · 30/03/2005 15:07

eerrr... Austin Maestro

JanH · 30/03/2005 15:08

Oh, thanks, ^Sooz

OP posts:
suzywong · 30/03/2005 15:10

I wondered about that just as I pressed send, it was Austin wasn't it

but was it the Morris Ital?
and who did the Princess and the Maxi and the Allegro... ah, biscuit tin shaped cars

JanH · 30/03/2005 15:11

Marina was Morris.

Others were Austins. (We had a Princess briefly, hell it was crap!)

OP posts:
suzywong · 30/03/2005 15:13

did ya? they were the luxury car of their day though!!

I had a second hand Datsun Sunny and under the front mats were dozens and dozens of buttons all laid out in a single layer

just bumping this thread for you until Cod comes out of her stupor

jampots · 30/03/2005 15:14

I had 2 Allegros...

JanH · 30/03/2005 15:16

The one we had cost about £200 so somewhat past its prime! (The first time we filled it - unusual for us at the time - we found out that the tank leaked )

Thanks for bumps girls, feel free to go on discussing crap cars for me, I must go and be domestic

OP posts:
JanH · 30/03/2005 15:17

What? Buttons? Didn't read it properly before...just laid out or stuck down? How weird!

OP posts:
JoolsToo · 30/03/2005 15:18

we had an Allegro it was sh*te! (pardon my French!)

gingerbear · 30/03/2005 15:21

Why were they always orange?
Or yellow
Or puke green?

gingerbear · 30/03/2005 15:22

Maybe Cod is JP'ing?

suzywong · 30/03/2005 15:24

or shit brown, don't forget the shit brown Maxis

jampots · 30/03/2005 19:21

my first allegro was shit brown, the next was blue.

In fact it was my shit brown allegro I was driving when someone drove into the back of me after I had a failed fart on the way home from work (due to tummy upset - not laziness)

JanH · 30/03/2005 19:23

You had TWO Allegros???

(Reaction to this is a bit like the Earnest handbag bloke losing both his parents!)

OP posts:
gingerbear · 30/03/2005 23:40

so where is Cod then?

marthamoo · 30/03/2005 23:43

Coddy, Coddy
Where are you?
We miss you
We are feeling blue.
Without you.
Boo hoo.

irishbird · 30/03/2005 23:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gingerbear · 30/03/2005 23:50

marthamoo is a poet
but she doesn't know it
Did you have an allegro too?
Or are you just a fool?

(please excuse, tis late)

marthamoo · 31/03/2005 00:00

My dad had an Avenger, does that count ?

gingerbear · 31/03/2005 00:09

Was it an Austin Avenger in shit brown? If so then yes.
If it was Diana Rigg in black cat suit then no.

marthamoo · 31/03/2005 09:17

It was a sort of orangey brown colour - and its number plate began with the letters JOT. Our first car - I was 5 - funny what you remember!

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