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TracyK · 04/03/2005 13:58

I've just found another website that I can spend all my time on chatting -
Fantastic weekly emails to tell you about bargains/tips re money etc.

OP posts:
loudmum · 04/03/2005 14:02

i love this site -- the budet spreadsheet is fab!

RTKangaMummy · 04/03/2005 14:03

I love Martin too

He is fab

First saw him on ITV1 - THIS MORNING

TracyK · 04/03/2005 14:09

Will I ever get any housework done again??
I can have 2 windows open now and chat here and there!

OP posts:
CelluliteQueen · 05/03/2005 19:43

I spend hours on this website. I have got so many bargains thanks to the Grabbit board!

ssd · 06/03/2005 10:37

This is a great website, but I think you need to get in fast to grab the bargains.Still lots of great info!

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