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How much time off work for sick kids?

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kid · 24/02/2005 11:02

When a child is sick, does the parent have to take unpaid leave or holiday to stay home to look after them?
I always thought you were entitled to a certain amount of paid time off to care for them if they were under a certain age.
I have done a quick search but so far just come up with maternity rights.

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tortoiseshell · 24/02/2005 11:04

No, you are entitled to sick pay for yourself, but for a dependent you are only entitled to unpaid time off. I don't think the time is limited, but you won't be paid unless you have a great employer!

CountessDracula · 24/02/2005 11:05

No you aren't. You are entitled to unpaid leave for a short time until you sort out someone else if it is for eg a breakdown in childcare arrangements. For sick children I guess you are entitiled to unpaid leave until they are better, or you could take holiday

kid · 24/02/2005 11:08

i always get paid at my work when i take time off for my DS. I told my friend she should too!
I better not mention this to my work incase they realise! thanks anyway!

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