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Anyone know anything about Spanish probate law?

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jampots · 23/02/2005 18:34

MIL just rung up to ask dh what is in our Wills as she wants to update hers. She maintains that the contents of our Will directly affects her Will under Spanish law. I personally think she's talking bollox

OP posts:
Chandra · 23/02/2005 21:56

Five years of dinners you mean? me, my mother, my younger sister and even the dogs would have been able to present the law exams after such looooooong discussions.

Chandra · 23/02/2005 21:57

ROFL Whymummy, I was thinking exactly the same!

jampots · 23/02/2005 21:58

back yet whymummy??

OP posts:
whymummy · 23/02/2005 21:59

hang on,he ain't that quick,mind you is been that long he might be

Chandra · 23/02/2005 21:59

Jampots! what are you still doing here???? I supose you have not a Spanish will, do you?

Chandra · 23/02/2005 22:16

Ahem, probably she DOES.

whymummy · 23/02/2005 22:25

she's at it too

jampots · 24/02/2005 00:00

wow - that was a long one and I think ive secured my dh's share of his inheritance

not really - been yakking and then watching desperate housewives

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