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want to write a letter of complaint to my local council - help with the wording etc & also not sure if I should

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davidtennantsmistress · 02/07/2008 21:21

will obviously spell check! lol. but here's my issue.

I applied to go on the housing list last September (was then told I wouldn't get a house etc etc and was told by the lady (who I might add was looking down her nose a tme the whole time - I went to school with her daughter but anyhow) she told me (didn't suggest told) that I wouldn't get any house at all and my parents had to provide for me/give me the deposit for a private rent.)

anyhow sorted everything out, got a house on a 12 month lease, which they have a copy of in the benefits dept. Anyhow,

I went in again last week to change my address, which I did (I know partly my fault for being so slow in doing it, but in my defense I wasn't sure how I would sit on the list - but didn't want to run the risk of getting a house I wouldn't be entitled to iycwim) anyhow, changed it all last week, and spoke to a lovely man who said I needed to fill in the change of details form only fill in the parts which applied and give it in - I did this, and was confused to get the letter back a few days later with a brand new number (some 15000 places down the list to my orgional number from last year)

naturally I was worried about loosing my position as it were and going back to the bottom of the list (even if I did go down a band, I don't want to go behind people who have only just come on the list). I was advised that as it was an insecure tennancy I wouldn't move bands and would stay where I am with a view to having a house within the next year.

I went in today to double check that they were not doing a brand new claim and int he first instance no one would come out of their office to talk to me face to face. The man said to be in closing (and the conversation literally went like this):-

'so your home work for this week, is to fill in your forms and send them back'
'i've already done that and got them here with me, but was concerned as I had brand new numbers etc and was worried about my banding etc'
'well as you've done your home work for this week you can have a gold star'

he then added that my banding would depend if it was a secure tenancy or not - which it's not. I am pissed off that he spoke to me like I was some sort of stupid child who was bothering a very important man - not to mention how patronising he was - I didn't ask to be in this fucking position. All I want is a secure house for me & DS (like many others granted) but one which I don't have to worry we'll be moved on from.

so a) should I even write a letter, and b) what should I say as i'm not so good with the words.

OP posts:
dilemma456 · 02/07/2008 21:34

Message withdrawn

davidtennantsmistress · 02/07/2008 21:37

south, hampshire.

(and I know waiting 2 years for a house on the list is a good time scale) but surely it doesn't mean I should be spoken to like that?

OP posts:
dilemma456 · 02/07/2008 22:42

Message withdrawn

HackedOffByGossip · 02/07/2008 22:48

Jeez, maybe the guy was trying to lighten the mood & make conversation? I have done this with people who have came into my office.... I don't really think they would take this seriously as a complaint, and I deal with a lot of complaints on a regular basis.

dilemma456 · 02/07/2008 22:55

Message withdrawn

PertweeAndLemon · 02/07/2008 23:20

But if someone came into your office asking for your advice and with a specific question, talking to them like that (while not giving any advice, not asking their specific question, and not even telling them why you couldn't give them advice or answer the question or referring them to a different department) then it would be inappropriate rudeness.

And if someone is desperately worried about their housing situation then attempting to "lighten the mood" is likely to be inappropriate anyway.

davidtennantsmistress · 03/07/2008 08:04

he may well have been lightneing the mood - but his tone didn't suggest he was - to be frank his tone was completely sarcasic.

fwiw i'm not normally the sort of person to complain I never have been I usually put up n shut up, but then again it's AF day today so wanted to double check if it was my horomones just being up.

I didn't get his name, but the lady on the desk asked if I found him helpful and I said no actually he said xyz and I found him to be quite patronising. as I say the other chap in the office, who I also spoke to before xmas is a nice chappy, and very helpful.

no not a big city - i'm under fareham council - but the 2/3 beds etc don't come up often enough, apparently theres some 1700 in my group, i've already gone up 500 odd (that 1700 isn't all for 2 beds btw it's everyone in the group no matter what they're after) I did say to the man are you joking when he said 2 years - now his responce made me chuckle as he said 'oh mrs dtm, i never joke about the waiting list! lol' that was light hearted. as i say last week i was told approx 12 months to wait yesterday i'm told when we've re assessed you.

not to mention I can't bid on any houses I want - not that I think i'll get it as it's been up a day and has 78 votes, it's a 2 bed witha drive garage and fantastic part of town. I'd just like the option to vote.

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