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Do banks process payments to companies over the weekend?

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Pavlovthecat · 28/06/2008 14:23

I stupidly thought I got paid yesterday, and used my card in toys r us. I get paid monday, as i realised on checking my bank balance!

The charge from toys r us is not showing as coming out, but there is activity as it says I have no money avail to withdraw, but the balance says I do, which is what happens when a payment is being processed.

So, will this payment continue to be processed over the weekend? Can it come out at the weekend is what I mean really, or will it finish processing first thing Monday?

The activity wont be anything else as I have not used my card for several days and all other transactions are on my statement online.

I hope it gets processed monday, as it will just take me overdrawn!

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ivykaty44 · 28/06/2008 14:27

Both payments will occur on Monday

  1. the payment to toyrus will come out of your account
  2. your salary will be paid into your account

    in that order

    Telephone your bank and ask them what you can do to make sure you dont run into trouble.

    i did this once with Nationwide and they didn't charge me - for my oversight.
Pavlovthecat · 28/06/2008 16:40

Thanks Ivy - I have just spoken to them and have got overdraft to cover it...

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