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Anyone opened a Kaupthing Edge account?

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Lilliput · 27/06/2008 11:41

We need to get a better rate on our savings and on Martin Lewis's recommendation I was thinking about Kaupthing edge. Am I right in thinking I can withdraw money without any penalties at all? Is it all as straight forward as the website implies?

OP posts:
dilbertina · 27/06/2008 23:52

dunno, but my dh opened an account with them earlier in the week and is normally pretty thorough with the research,

Will ask him tomorrow!

noddyholder · 28/06/2008 08:54

I was thinking of this too as nationwide interest is pitiful.Do they pay interest monthly or yearly?

clam · 28/06/2008 10:08

We opened one a month or so ago. No probs so far, even when I ballsed up my password. Quick call to them and it was sorted. I've transferred several deposits across from Nationwide, with no trouble. The interest rate on their instant access account is better than other fixed-term ebonds. Think you can elect during application whether to have interest paid monthly or annually.
Kaupthing ranks consistently top of the league tables, and I'd trust Martin Lewis, actually.

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