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One dinner, one lunch - Fiver

23 replies

pavlovthecat · 18/06/2008 13:32

Any suggestions.

Its all I have until Friday.

OP posts:
bundle · 18/06/2008 13:34

pasta bake made with tomato sauce with lots of garlic/onions/bits of bacon if you have?

baked potatoes? whatever filling you have plus salad?

pavlovthecat · 18/06/2008 13:37

Ah, see the pasta bit. Should have said no pasta.

I am doing spaghetti bolognaise - as luckily I have everything for this apart from tomatoes already...hence only one dinner needed!

I personally have no issues eating another pasta meal tomorrow, DH would go mad!

Baked potatoes - hmm, I usually have loads of salad with it - too pricey, unless I buy non-pre-packed lettuce!

Oh this is going to be hard isn't it?

But good practice as we are living more efficiently from now on.

OP posts:
Oliveoil · 18/06/2008 13:38

well tell dh he can either go mad or go hungry


what do you have in?

MamaG · 18/06/2008 13:41

Do yu hae a local market? Much cheaper for salady stuff - could get it all for a quid. JP with beans and cheese and asalad

beans on toast! Cheap n cheerful - sitck a pocahed egg on if you want to go mad.

Tell DH its tough luck

lilolilmanchester · 18/06/2008 13:41

Boiled eggs, covered in cheese sauce, topped with sauted leek and mashed potato. Topped with grated cheese. I know cheese isn't cheap, so if you don't have any, just do a white sauce and top with breadcrumbs.

Homemade pizza - or buy a really cheap value pizza and pile on whatever you've got.



What do you have in your storecupboard/fridge/freezer so you don't necessarily have to buy all from scratch?

pavlovthecat · 18/06/2008 13:43

lol liveoil - i know, i know! we had pasta yesterday too

I have some chips, peas, green beans in freezer (also have summer fruits but not relavant &lots of ice for some reason ), veggie burgers, one linda mcartney pie.

In fridge - well our fridge broke and we lost all our food at the beginning of the month, got it fixed last week, so its empty of the usual things we would use to make emergency food. Its got milk in it mainly, butter, tomato ketchup, dijon mustard, jam!

Have basic store stuff, bread, flour, sugar, chickpeas, kidney beans, rice, risotto rice, bulghar wheat, lentils, some manky old tinned soup.

Oh its a sad state of affairs....

OP posts:
NormaStanleyFletcher · 18/06/2008 13:44

Sausage and bean cassarole?

Oliveoil · 18/06/2008 13:45

veggie burgers chips and peas?

with fruit for dessert?

give dh the solitary pie to eat in the shed whilst you have pasta

bundle · 18/06/2008 13:45

if you've only got a fiver then why would you bother getting prepacked lettuce? a round lettuce (far tastier than some of those bags) is about 50p (and i live in London).

dh will go mad re: pasta twice in a week? tough shit.

couscous v cheap, goes well with tomato sauces and grilled meat if you can afford...if not then roasted onions/celery/tomatoes with garlic

NormaStanleyFletcher · 18/06/2008 13:45

Will rice

posieflump · 18/06/2008 13:45

give dh the fiver and let him sort it

cyteen · 18/06/2008 13:46

I posted a great chickpea curry recipe on another thread (think it was the thread about meat-free weekday dinners) - it's cheap, filling, delicious and makes loads

bundle · 18/06/2008 13:47

small pack of mince, pad out with chopped onions/mushrooms, dash of worcestershire sauce and shape into burgers. serve in bun with the rest of the lettuce/slice of tomato

make your own "chips" with potatoes sprinkled with olive oil/salt/pepper roasted in oven

pavlovthecat · 18/06/2008 13:48

RISOTTO oh *lilolil - you absolute star - will buy chicken, can do it with risotto roce, why did I not think of that when I wrote 'risotto rice' down! [doh]

OP posts:
bundle · 18/06/2008 13:48

fast curry:

tin tomatoes
spoon curry paste (usually have patak's in fridge) or powder
tin coconut milk

add veg/meat/fish

pavlovthecat · 18/06/2008 13:52

I also love the idea of DH doing something with the fiver - he will buy beer! .

Oliveoil - love your idea about giving him the pie - he hates veggie food, but will serve him right!

I think I will do a risotto, and some more fruit for DDs pudding this evening. Beans for lunch tomorrow.

Had omellette with last of the eggs for lunch.

Great suggestions everyone

OP posts:
pavlovthecat · 18/06/2008 13:53

Oh, I just saw sausage and bean casserole - that sounds nice too!

OP posts:
pavlovthecat · 18/06/2008 13:55

bundle - curry is always our emergency run out of money dinner - always have chickpeas in the cupboard, and usually have Pataks paste, a couple of them, in fridge, but when our fridge broke, and was not fixed for over a week, I chucked it all out. Probably did not need to, but everything stunk as it was hot out. We had only just gone blinking shopping . Luckily I am able to claim it back from horrid hotpoint.

OP posts:
bundle · 18/06/2008 14:01

how annoying

cauliflower cheese, with mushrooms/cheese on top?

flatbreads big in our house atm

pavlovthecat · 18/06/2008 14:07

Bundle - guess what I just found in the cupboard - coconut milk!

I might by some veggies from grocers and pataks paste - have vegetable and chickpea
curry afterall!

Whatever it is - I am sensing it will have to be chickpea/beans/pulses related, as I have lots of this in the cupboars, supposedly for said emergencies!

I am now very hungry, all this talk about food!

OP posts:
bundle · 18/06/2008 15:17

me too
off to get a snack

you could ring changes and get a thai green curry paste

pavlovthecat · 19/06/2008 12:54

I spent £5.70.

I bought
Carrots - four!
Onions - small economy pack
Mushrooms - loose
Pack peppers
1 Courgette
Pataks Balti paste
Baby new potatoes - loose
2 apples for DD
Tin beans
4 tins of tomatoes

I made the most delicious curry with veggies, and added some red lentils from the cupboard - regretted not buying the rogan josh in the end as it goes great with lentils!

Have enough left over for DH to take to work for lunch, and for my lunch too.

And have enough tomatoes and mushrooms left over for a really tasty spaghetti bolognaise I am making tonight (was meant to be last night but really fancied the curry!).

There is even enough veg left to make a soup with, so actually, I bought enough food for two meals, two lunches and enhancement of another with a fiver

I feel very pleased with myself. So much so I am going to do shopping tomorrow to see how little I can spend on making the best tasting food!

OP posts:
pavlovthecat · 19/06/2008 12:55

ok, so it was a little over a fiver. but still!

OP posts:
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