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Ulysees · 07/06/2008 13:02

my dp worked for a company who were finishing a lot of staff and knew anytime now he'd be going. He joined an internet search for jobs site and got a call from an agency saying there was a job going locally. He was so relieved, went for the interview and got this job. Sadly the pay promise wasn't true and he's now quite low paid. Once he's off agency it goes up but not that much.
Now he's received a letter from the old firm saying they want £606 for overpayment within 14 days. He already has huge car payments to pay (long story) and some other debt accumulated by another relationship.
He's so worried, it just seems to be one thing after another.
Does anyone have any advice or can point us in the right direction for debt advice?

OP posts:
ninedragons · 07/06/2008 14:07

CAB are your people. Everyone I know who has been overpaid has paid it back in installments; reasonably big ones, but manageable. None of this pound a week for 606 weeks, unfortunately.

Ulysees · 07/06/2008 14:55

thanks ninedragons I'll make an appointment for him.

OP posts:
LadyMuck · 07/06/2008 15:45

How did the overpayment arise - does he agree that it is in fact an overpayment? That is one of the first issues. Also check if the £606 is a net or gross amount.

If you go the the CAB they can also do a benefit check for him.

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