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Pooraschurchmouse · 22/01/2005 09:53

I am a regular Mner but I have changed my name for this as I am rather ashamed.

Money is very, very tight for us right now, but ds is a popular boy and gets invited to lots of parties (sometimes weekly). When money is more abundant, I would tend to spend £5 on a present or a bit more if I knew the child better or knew specifically what they wanted. The other day, I found Tesco were selling a nice tin of 100 marbles for only 80 something pence. It doesn't look that cheap though. My question is, do you think I could give that as a present to a child who is having a party next week? I do not know who he is at all, let alone his mother, but I am worried she will shop in Tesco and know how cheap my present is. Does that matter? Should I buy something else to go with the marbles? If so, what?

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Pooraschurchmouse · 22/01/2005 12:51

I know I left no title by mistake but has no-one as opinion please?

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vicdubya · 22/01/2005 15:10

I would say just go for the marbles.

Even if they did realise, if they think any less of you because you can't always afford to buy expensive pressies, then they aren;t worth being friends with, or worrying about.

Kids get sooo many presents at birthday time and they won;t remember afterwards who gave what anyway.

It's totally the thought that counts.

My DS isn;t at that stage yet but I always think buying packs of things, two for price of one, etc etc, and then keeping them put away, is a good idea to help with the cost for birthday presents.

SofiaAmes · 22/01/2005 20:12

The marbles sounds like a lovely gift. If they don't appreciate the gift then their opinion isn't worth considering. I think a nice hand made card would be a lovely addition to the gift. I can't think of anything I'd like better for my child. I have plenty of money and often stock up on on sale items that I find that I think might make a good gift for someone. There is no shame in not spending lots of money on a gift for someone.

As an anecdote...I went to a birthday party for my friend's 2 year old a few months ago in the usa. She is a relatively well known actress with lots of rich, childless friends. I think that the average price spent on presents for her daughter was in the range of $80. I found a really cute pink plastic tea set at a whole sale place for $4. That's what I gave her.....Guess who's present she played with the most!!!

sis · 23/01/2005 14:09

Personally, I would find it more awkward if ds's presents were too expensive! As long as the present is safe and appropriate for the child (so no marbles for under threes), I think it is fine - go for the marbles, they sound really nice - I wish we had a Tescos near us!

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