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£180 and its gone wrong again - what are my rights? And how can I get the best outcome

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Twiglett · 19/05/2008 18:25

Have a Samsung american fridge freezer with a fault (grinding noise as fan is iced over) - Samsung give us two out-of-warranty service companies

We choose DES - engineer call-out is £80 paid in advance - have to wait in all day for bloke to come - I tell him problem he doesn't even look at fridge but orders part (pay £102 up front) - says its the standard problem

a week and a half later (grinding sound, fridge not cold enough) engineer comes and changes the part to new design that can't ice over and says "that's the design fault sorted, these fridges are simple with nothing much that can go wrong"

no noise but not cold so I phoned company 2 days later and they send bloke out (again all-day wait)- engineer is very apologetic and changed sensors .. it seemed to work

2 weeks later the very initial fault (grinding sound) is back - so I called to be patronised by office girls - I tried to insist that they send engineer with replacement part as the part was obviously defective but I have to wait for another inspection (all-day again) and they won't send him out with a replacement part.

so - if they can't fix it I should get my money back for the part shouldn't I?

what can I do to maximise service levels from company .. god they're shit, god they make me want to rant

OP posts:
Fillyjonk · 19/05/2008 18:35

the service is covered by usual buyer protection legislation

unless the fault is hard to detect or something it sounds as though you have not recieved a reasonable standard of service (the fact he didn't look at the fridge will obv help here...), and thusly have a claim.

don't think you can do much about waiting in all day though.

Turniphead1 · 19/05/2008 18:42

Wasn't there something about Samsung fridgefreezers on watchdog or something? Don't know if this is of help.[]

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