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maternity allowance

4 replies

happy81 · 19/05/2008 14:28

hi,i used to work as a self i ama 32 weeks pregnant and stopped work after new year.5 weeks ago i sent my maternity allowance application and have not recived any answer from them if i am entitled or no for it.can anyone tell me how long have to wait to get any respond.i do not know what to do.thanks

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lisad123 · 19/05/2008 14:29

chase them up my friend finally got hers when her baby was 3 months old

CantSleepWontSleep · 19/05/2008 14:34

Surely you already know whether you are entitled to it or not? If not then check the eligibility rules here.

They are fairly slow to respond IME, but will most likely get to you shortly before your due date.

JODIEhavingababy · 19/05/2008 14:44

Hi I'm in the same position, 32 weeks pregnant and I sent in my form a few weeks ago. I called them last week and they looked it up on the computer and told me that my documents should be looked at on/by the 19th (Today) and I should get a letter in the next couple of days... If not I'll call them again!

Anyway, she was very helpful, but I'd give them a ring if I were you, 0800 055 66 88

Good Luck!

happy81 · 19/05/2008 15:25

thank everybody.i will ring them and see if i can get any info.

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