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My card keeps getting declined.

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InTrouble · 15/01/2005 12:33

I have a £500 overdraft on my main bank account/debit card. I'm usually in it, and sometimes at the end of the month, I go over it by up to a £100. At the moment, I am £90 into my overdraft, and have a big sum of money going in next week. I am hoping to get to the bank on Monday, but does anyone know why my card is being declined? Is it because I'm in my overdraft?

OP posts:
amynnixmum · 15/01/2005 12:39

If you are within an authorised overdraft limit your cards should be ok. Are you sure that there aren't any uncleared debits to come out like a cheque. Also do you have a number you could ring so you can find out why they have been declined.

InTrouble · 15/01/2005 12:44

I had a cheque come out last week that was paid out of my account which was fine. Nothing is due to come out until the end of the month, just things to go in. I could have a look on the website to see if they have a number that I could ring.

OP posts:
amynnixmum · 15/01/2005 12:50

Yeah do that. Otherwise you will be worrying about it all weekend and they might be able to sort it out over the phone. Good luck. I had another thought though (2 thoughts - good for me) You say you sometimes go over your limit at the end of the month - are there any charges that are coming out?

InTrouble · 15/01/2005 12:52

I have been charged before, but I haven't had anything said to me recently about being charged for anything else.

OP posts:
amynnixmum · 15/01/2005 12:54

My statements list any charges that will be coming out in the following month on the last page at the bottom.

lalaa · 15/01/2005 13:07

could your overdraft facility have run out? Usually they agree a date for the end of the facility - it isn't just open ended. Alternatively, I had a prob with my credit card just before Xmas when we had bought an item costing £500 which needed manual authorisation (via phone call while we were in the shop) and for some reason, thereafter, the card kept getting declined. We rang up and they explained it was a mistake on their part - the authorisation needed for the big purchase had been kept on for all purchases.

InTrouble · 15/01/2005 13:09

No, I think my overdraft is fine. I just looked on my account, and it says I have so much in credit, and I cannot see any charges listed to come out. Will try ringing them. Thanks for your help.

OP posts:
SeaShells · 15/01/2005 13:15

We had trouble recently, everytime we used the card it would go to authorisation, and we'd have to answer security questions before the shops would put it through. Very irritating when we have a good balance in the account. Apparently it was because we'd used the card so often (according to the bank-3times in one day-wow!)

WestCountryLass · 16/01/2005 00:21

I've had this too! When you make more payments that your normal daily amount in a 24 hour period sometime sthe bank declines the payment.

This actually ahppened whenDHs cards had been stolen once and they called us to let us know about the account activity. Its a pain but it has its benefits!

JanH · 16/01/2005 10:41

The last time this happened to me it was because they had sent out a new card, which I had shoved in a drawer and forgotten about, and then after a few weeks the original card (although still apparently within valid dates) had been stopped.

Fortunately I didn't rant when I rang the bank or I should have been !

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