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how to go about buying a car - first timers here, clueless as they come

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time4tea · 19/04/2008 19:54


I'm getting fairly ready to take my driving test, DH can drive but is a bit nervous, we've never had a car before and have to buy one. we need something to carry around 2 DSs plus reasonable luggage, something easy to maintain, reliable. any tips on models, and a good way to get bargains etc.

any general tips about starting off driving life would also be really appreciated...


OP posts:
nannyL · 19/04/2008 22:40

i suggest dont get something brand new or nearly new

get something without coloured bumpers cause scratches dont show so much, and soemthing that will put up woth you crunching the gear etc etc

maybe something like an older citroen picasso as they have space but arnt too big

if you dont need buggy space you may be able to get away with something smaller like a clio which has a surprisingly big boot and enough room for 2 kids in the back

when u r both more experianced in driving maybe you could upgrade to a newer car (if thats important to you) in a few years time?

luciemule · 19/04/2008 22:47

For reliability, cost effectiveness and ok space (without buggies) I'd go for a Ford Focus or something like a Toyota Auris. Not too big for you to handle but big enough for a family of 4 to ride in quite comfortably.

Heated · 19/04/2008 22:52

Depends on budget really and what sort of sized car you are after. Any ideas?

Check out the online car supermarkets like motorpoint, trade-sales and motorhouse so you get an idea on prices. They generally don't negotiate too much on price as they are about the lowest so you know where you stand, whilst garages have more flexibility to offer extras but cost more. You should look to buy at the end of the month when they have sales target to meet.

Factor in the cost of tax, insurance, break down cover.

WendyWeber · 19/04/2008 23:18

What luciemule said

The Auris used to be the Corolla, the Auris hasn't been out long so you'd prob get a Corolla cheaper, although they aren't cheap because they are such good sound cars and go on forever.

A Focus would probably be a bit cheaper to service. It has a huge boot.

Or, if you might be likely to carry your DSs' friends around when they're a bit older, you could look at one of the 5+2 seaters like a Zafira - they're not too big like the full-size 7-seaters and are nice to drive.

southeastastra · 19/04/2008 23:22

do you want brand new? otherwise look at autotrader and search for low mileage cars within your budget in your area.

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