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How can we prove we were given wrong info over phone?

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fatzak · 19/04/2008 15:39

Bit of a long one here so please bear with me.
On the way home from Holland we broke down on the motorway. DH didn't have his details to hand (typical) but knew that he had arranged insurance/breakdown through, let's call them Large Supermarket. So he called Large Supermarket financial dept, who put him through to the insurance dept who said, "Oh yes, here are your details, call Large Insurance company who will arrange breakdown for you"
So all went very well and Large Insurance company arranged for us to be towed onto ferry and then back home from Hull. They did say that they couldn't find all our details so as a precaution took our credit card number.
So, back home DH starts phoning round to get everything sorted. We then find out that we do not actually have break down with large Insurance company but with the RAC!! No problem says Large Supermarket, it'll all be sorted and RAC will liaise with Large Insurance company.

Rubbish and bollocks. A fortnight later and literally hours on the phone, no one will pay up! Of course we wouldn't have called Large Insurance Company to recover us if we had known that we had breakdown with RAC but we were told by Large Supermarket to call them. DH has been trying to get them to listen to the call he made,has given times, numbers etc, but oh what a surprise, there is no record of him making the call and been given the wrong people to call.

I know if he had bothered to print off his details to take away then we wouldn't be in this mess, but we are being charged £700 arranging breakdown with the wrong people

Anyone work in this area and have any advice?

OP posts:
edam · 19/04/2008 15:41

Go to Trading Standards or write to one of the consumer experts in the papers - Saturday Guardian has a money section with a problem page. Often companies only wake up when they realise they might get some bad publicity, sadly.

grouchyoscar · 19/04/2008 15:46

Ask the insurance company to review the phone call. It may have been recorded.

And write to the company's customer relations department. Dealing with complex complaints over the helpline can be very random.

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