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yesmynameisigglepiggle · 19/04/2008 11:36

I think we need to. I am currently a SAHM with a huge mortgage. We are looking for a new house anyway because we have to move to where DH job has taken him. We have viewed loads of houses. We currently live in a large 4 bed house with garage, garden etc but can't afford it really. I want to downsize- DH wants to downsize to a 2 bed house. We viewed a house last week in a nice area with excellent school with places for all the children. It has 2 large bedrooms, a small garden, a living room/diner and tiny kitchen, bathroom and downtairs loo. We viwed it alone and really liked it but considering we have 3 children (same sex) I am wondering if we would be stupid. We would have to sell loads of stuff. I get really exited thinking about a simpler life and how much more comfortable we will be. Then I wake at night wondering where my kitchen aid and breadmaker will go

Has anyone else downsized asnd how did it go?

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yesmynameisigglepiggle · 19/04/2008 12:25

HAs anyone else got 3 who share a bedroom?

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Iota · 19/04/2008 12:27

not me, but a friend had 3 boys in the same room - ok when they were small, but it was much better when they moved to a 3 bed when the kids got older.

Can you not consider a 3 bed?

Lauriefairycake · 19/04/2008 12:33

It does sound a bit small - could you consider a two bed but one which could possibly be extended at a later date, either into the side return to extend the kitchen, a conservatory/play room, into the loft for a third bedroom?

To me, space is very important, right now I'm considering a three bed in a not-so-nice area because it has a 130 foot garden (and could in the future support a conservatory and loft conversion)

I also wouldn't underestimate space for storage,I have personally found it hard to give/sell stuff and it really bugs me that I have to alternate summer and winter stuff in the loft.

None of these things may apply to you though.

yesmynameisigglepiggle · 19/04/2008 12:40

thanks. We have looked at three bed but the rooms tend to be pretty small compared to the two larger ones. We are hoping as the kids get older and I can work more we will have more money to move again (or extend, which sounds a good idea)

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