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best fixed rate mortgage?

8 replies

vannah · 10/04/2008 20:54

At the moment? ANyone got one they are really pleased with...
I havent a clue where to consider, I just know I want fixed rate and Im not sure I want a broker (previous bad experience)


OP posts:
carolyn1941 · 10/04/2008 21:18

ooo yes I just got one through(1 week ago) with Abbey fixed at 5.72% for 3 years. There are a few good deals out there still!

KatyMac · 10/04/2008 21:33

Yorkshire Building Society have just offered me 5 yrs at 6.09% with no fees or 10yrs at 6.09% at £50 fee

Not sure if they are good rates or not tbh

lilyloo · 11/04/2008 10:07

Vannah i can promise you won't get a bad experience with my dp he has an ad on mnet here and can search the whole of market for you and isn't charging any broker fee to mnetters.

amelie · 11/04/2008 10:30

You don't want a fixed rate. You want a tracker. Interest rates are probably going to go to 3.5% next year - and if you're on a fixed of 6.whatever% you won't get the benefits of it....

KatyMac · 11/04/2008 13:00

Do you think

What happens if the house prices fall - won't interest rates go up?

vannah · 11/04/2008 16:53

thankyou everyone, lilyloo thankyou will look at ad - I have an appt to see someone at my bank tomorrow morning

OP posts:
doggiesayswoof · 11/04/2008 17:03

I feel safer with fixed, even though rates are currently going down.

Co-op are doing 3yr at 6.09% with no fee. It's not the absolute lowest out there, but I am going with that - I like the co-op and I like the no fee thing.

Vannah just remember your bank will only be able to tell you about their own products.

lilyloo · 11/04/2008 17:11

No probs Vannah as doggie says they will only tell you of thir products though so still worth shopping around and at least you have some idea off here at what rates you can get by doing that.

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