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How much doyou spend (time & money) before writing off a project?

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KatyMac · 29/03/2008 20:53

Guess what it's about my nursery again

Does there come a point at which if you haven't succeeded you should give up?

Where is that point?

OP posts:
DoodleToYou · 29/03/2008 21:22

Message withdrawn

DoodleToYou · 29/03/2008 21:23

Message withdrawn

KatyMac · 29/03/2008 21:25

That was small as I could make it 50 places is viable 30 is borderline

But really when do you give up?

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choosyfloosy · 29/03/2008 21:30

God that's bloomin hard.

I guess it depends what the barriers are.That's no help at all.

KatyMac · 29/03/2008 21:31

Well 20 months work?

OP posts:
DoodleToYou · 29/03/2008 21:32

Message withdrawn

southeastastra · 29/03/2008 21:33

don't give up yet

collision · 29/03/2008 21:34

I think you should give up.

sorry but £420 000 is a lot of money

KatyMac · 29/03/2008 21:59

I have spent £18,000 - that is more than 3 yrs wages for me (might even be more than 4 yrs)

I don't think I can risk anymore

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