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JSA and maintenance

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shelleylou · 25/03/2008 21:36

My xp has recently lost his job. I know if he claims JSA i can get £5 maintenance but is there any way i can make sure i get this? It doesnt help that i dont konw if he is going to be able to claim JSA at the moment. I only know very little about the situation.
He told me yesterday by text hed been sacked as hed had an accident (hes an lgv driver) but hasnt given me any more details as to when or whether it was classed as gross misconduct etc and that he doesnt kow wen he will be able to see ds.
Any help/information would be greatly appreciated

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kyrasmummy1985 · 28/03/2008 20:13

My ex claims jsa and i get the £5 a week maintence, if the csa are dealing with it, they will take it straight out his money and give it to you.

shelleylou · 28/03/2008 20:26

thanks, i phoned csa last night as they were dealing with maintence.. Fingers crossed they let him have jsa She told me i was entititled to £5 a week as xp isnt seeing ds till he gets another job

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