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Neighbours dogs coming into our garden

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MaggieW · 25/03/2008 09:53

The fence which is between us and our neighbours, which is owned by them, has been wrecked by their dogs pushing against the bottom of the panels while digging. Last year the dogs chewed through our garden lights which no longer work (unfortunately lights weren't switched on!). Neighbours laughed it off but no offer to replace the lights, which I found incredible.

Now the dogs can push through and get into our garden, which they have done on numerous occasions. I don't trust the dogs near my children as they growl when they're on leads, let alone when they're in our garden and my children rush up to them.

We went around last year to ask them to sort the fence out, as we replaced the panels and posts when our builders were in five years ago, with the agreement of the previous owners. We offered to pay half to get it done but they responded by saying it wasn't a priority and propped garden furniture up against the worst panel to hold it.

I don't want to have to be in the garden each time the children go out to play, nor do I want the dogs coming in the house as they've done before when I have the back doors open. We did think we should just go ahead and get it done, but they have indicated they don't want us to touch it, so what can we do?

OP posts:
Threadworm · 25/03/2008 10:05

You could call the local dog warden. If nothing else they would be able to advise you of your rights.

hadtherapytoo · 25/03/2008 11:03

You can erect your own fence within the boundary of your property, ie you may 'lose' an inch or two of garden but you will have peace of mind once and for all. You can make sure the fence is also set quite deep into the ground to prevent the dogs digging down under too.

Obviously this will coat you money and it is extremely frustrating but it sounds like you are flogging the proverbial dead horse with your neighbours who sound ignorant. they probably DO have a legal obligation to maintain the fence but to make them do so might cost you more than erecting your own.

You have a right to keep your kids safe. We have dogs but no way would I tolerate dogs who growled straying over into my garden.

You have my sympathies!

K999 · 25/03/2008 18:41

You could check their deeds (or yours) to see if there are any burdens which prohibit or limit the amount of dogs they can have.

BetsyBoop · 25/03/2008 22:21

I would contact your local council for advice - it's usually Environmental Health who deal with dog nuisance problems

bethoo · 25/03/2008 22:25

you have every right to put in a complaint to landlord if rented or whatever department, have no idea as have no ideas and live in army camp!

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