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Bubble99, KatyMac & Nursery Owners....Can I pick your brain Please

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Upsadaisy · 24/03/2008 14:37

Bubble99 and KatyMac - was given your names as possible children's nursery owners/setting up one. It tis so please can I pick your brain?

Thinking of setting up a children's nursery or buying an established one if I could raise the money.

my previous thread

Any advice, information, words of wisdom would be much appreciated....please no laughing.

& am curious whats the biggest headache regards running a children's nursery?

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Upsadaisy · 24/03/2008 14:50


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seb1 · 24/03/2008 15:02

Try posting this on the childminders and nursery section they may find it quicker.

ShinyDysonHereICome · 24/03/2008 15:07

I've set up and run several nurseries.

I'd say the biggest headaches are premises and staffing! Can go into a lot more detail if you want me to!

Upsadaisy · 24/03/2008 15:22

Seb1 - Thanks again will do

and ShinydysonHereICome - Thanks for offer & yes please. What is it about staffing that causes headaches?

and other questions such as where do I start with setting up? Any pearls of wisdom, information, advice?

Shall move this thread over to the childminders section

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Upsadaisy · 24/03/2008 15:29

link to new thread

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