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Taking baby stuff back to John Lewis - where do I stand?

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ColumboGoesBananas · 18/03/2008 22:49

Bought a coat for my baby in JL in February, it fitted him well in the shop though sleeves seemed to taper in quite a lot. Anyway after washing it I noticed that the sleeves completely didn't fit him anymore. I thought there was nothing I could do since I had washed it, and was annoyed that I had wasted £22.

Today I went in there and bought him some PJs, some made of jersey material and another pair of woven cotton gingham. I did not try them on him before prewashing at 30 degrees because I could see that they would be fine. Which the jersey ones are, as they stretch, but the sleeves on the woven ones have the same ridiculous tapering and the hole at the end is tiny. I know I should have tried them on him but really it seems like a design fault rather than that they don't fit. They are actually rather long on him if anything.

Can I take them back and complain and get an exchange, store credit or refund, or have I messed up by washing them?

I know it is too late to do anything about the coat but I do think it is ridiculous bad workmanship, maybe the patterns were cut at the same factory or something.

OP posts:
mylovelymonster · 18/03/2008 22:54

Take them back. Might be some shrinkage. If fit just not right then fact you have prewashed shouldn't make a difference (unless a boil wash )
Really, grab your receipt and take them back x
And be firm. JL usually very good, and from what you've said, sounds very reasonable.

mumemma · 18/03/2008 22:55

John Lewis usually take things back without question. I used to work there and people would bring things back years later.

Generally, I think shops tend to be reasonable and take things back if you have washed according to instructions, etc. I've had a couple of situations - not John Lewis - but where either I've washed something exactly according to instructions and it's shrunk or basically the hole for the head on baby clothes was miles too small for a baby's head to go through! One shop gave me a refund, took my details and sent the item back to the manufacturer who agreed that they should have prewashed the item first to prevent further shrinkage.

somersetmum · 18/03/2008 22:55

I would say you have messed up by washing them, sorry. You can only take them back now if they're faulty as they cannot be re-sold as new.

hifi · 18/03/2008 23:04

they will usually know if there is a problem with a certain garment and if that is the case they will refund you.if not it does sound as though maybe you will be stuck with them, did you tumble dry?

controlfreakyagain · 18/03/2008 23:06

johnny lulus are usualy great re this sort of thing

ColumboGoesBananas · 19/03/2008 09:27

I rang them to explain and they said bring them in for a refund or exchange. Seriously the holes for hands were about the size of teeny newborn clothes, they would have only fitted a mutant. Must be a fault/manufacturing problem.

OP posts:
tallbirduk · 19/03/2008 20:30

If anything like this happens to you and you have followed the care instructions you should take the item back and ask for a refund from the shop.

Under the Sales of Goods Act you are entitled to this if something is not fit for purpose or of satisfactory quality - which clothes that shrink are not, I would say, of "satisfactory quality"!!

Don't let anyone fob you off (although I don't think JL will) with "but you've washed it", "it doesn't have the tags on", etc, etc - it doesn't matter - you have rights in law.

I find mentioning the Sales of Goods Act and asking to speak to a manager usually sorts things out if they are being awkward

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