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Anyone with experience of making an official complaint about their builders?

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nickytwotimes · 12/03/2008 13:36

Ours were shit and it's taken years to try to sort this house out. Anyone out there made an official complaint? Wasn't sure where to start and would be glad of some pointers. I am willin gto take it all the way ie:to court, if I have to!

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 12/03/2008 13:40

Is it a new house - you can use the builders guarantee if this is the case. Otherwise it would be a case of taking out a private prosecution in either the small case court of the civil courts.

Have you actually lost money having to redo things or are you just pissed off that they were crap?

nickytwotimes · 12/03/2008 13:48

Tis an old house, chocolate. We have had to redo things and they didn't eradicate the damp which was their remit. oh, and i am pissed off too! lol.

OP posts:
LadyMuck · 12/03/2008 17:18

Do you have legal protection cover with your house insurance? If so you could use that to make a claim.

nickytwotimes · 12/03/2008 19:09

Good tip. m'lady. I will have a look.

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 12/03/2008 20:25

Okay, so did they give a warranty on their work? Personally I'd also ask the house insurers to intervene. It's best not to sully ones own hands dealing with lawyers when you can avoid it

lalalonglegs · 14/03/2008 19:02

Report them (anonymously) to Inland Revenue - builders are always dodgy about money and having their last seven years' worth of accounts will be far more hassle for them than anything else you can think of.

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