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Consumer law on dishwashers which get blocked

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Jeremyll33 · 10/03/2008 10:11

Last week our dishwasher broke. I spent 3 days trýing to repair it. I read the instructions which state two things in print 1) you don't need to wash dishes under running water before placing them in the washer and 2) provided you have carried out the basic maintenance procedures in the maunal (which I did) then you are covered under the guarantee.

Being the highly capable DIY man (not really more like the bloke off Home Imrpvement) I did the exact things they said. We bought the thing 18 months ago so it is still under guarantee.

Bloke turnsd up this morning and repairs it. Finds an elastic band wrapped round the pump - way beyond where I can access under the instructions. Says it is our fault and we have to pay 100 Euros (I live as stay at home Dad in Germany). Normally I am Mr Mrrk but this time I reckon the band was left round the pump at the factoty when it was built as the washer has always smelt bad since we bought it. Of course we have no evidence but have we any chance to win against the company - in this case Siemens. I live in Germany but I am sure you all have this problem in UK too.

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edam · 10/03/2008 10:21

No idea what the consumer laws are in Germany, sorry. Do you have an equivalent of Trading Standards over there that you can call and check?

Jeremyll33 · 12/03/2008 13:41

Thx for the reply edam. Next step is to wait till Siemens send us the bill.

Brother in law is a lawyer so hopefully his shitty letter will take care of things.

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