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i've been overpaid by old employer too...slightly different scenario

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ruinedxmas · 18/12/2004 13:09

I left my old employer in August. I received payment in August and a bit more in September (some adjustment) and received a P45. All OK.

At the end of October, I got paid again and received back pay. When I got paid again in November, I notified my old employer. They sent me an e-mail saying that it was their mistake and they'd be sending me an invoice for the dosh.

I then received a new P45, with the amount that I'd been overpaid taken off. The original P45, however, never reflected that overpayment, so my new P45 is inaccurate. I still haven't received the invoice so haven't paid anything back.

As I'm now self-employed, I'm concerned about the mess this is creating in my accounts and the problems it's going to cause when I submit my tax return. Shall I chase it up again???

OP posts:
IwigitcouldbeXmaseveryday · 18/12/2004 13:12

Message deleted

ruinedxmas · 18/12/2004 13:26

thank you!

OP posts:
sis · 18/12/2004 17:48

But maybe, this time do it in writing so that they don't issue another incorrect p45?

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