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REDUNDANCY & Company Bonus - question......

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looneytune · 06/03/2008 20:51

My husband and several others were made redundant before Christmas and were told (in writing) that IF a company bonus was paid once they'd left, they would receive their share (as it was based on work from July - Nov) when the others do.

Well.....a bonus WAS paid and people still working at the company got theirs paid with their salary on 28th Feb. I know this isn't long ago but dh and some of his friends who were made redundant are concerned that they haven't been contacted.

Are they able to NOT pay the bonus or do they legally have to pay? They were all told what % they'd get if a bonus was paid so as one was paid, they are expecting something.

Anyone in the know able to advise?


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Earlybird · 06/03/2008 20:59

I have no expertise (so someone knowledgeable might disagree), but I would leave it until the end of this month. If there has been no communication from the company by then, I'd call/write to the person who wrote the bonus guarantee letter to ask about their plans for payment of the bonus.

looneytune · 06/03/2008 21:13

Cheers, will pass that on. Dh won't do anything for a while anyway as he starts a new job next week and has references and stuff going through right now Just wanted to see where he and his old colleagues stand.

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Earlybird · 06/03/2008 21:16

As I say, I have no expertise.

There is a Mumsnetter named flowerybeanbag who seems to be an expert in HR issues. Perhaps she will see this thread and respond.

Good luck.

looneytune · 06/03/2008 21:21

Oh yeah, I know she's helped a friend of mine plus is hanging around the childminder etc boards as I'm usually over there - may point her in this direction! Actually, I know someone else who might be able to help, you've just reminded me!

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