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What happens about NI contributions if you move abroad?

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spacedonkey · 16/12/2004 17:53

Just curious really. One day I'd like to move away.

My mum has a friend who left the UK nearly 20 years ago, has fallen on hard times and was considering coming back to the UK only to find she wouldn't qualify for any benefits at all or a pension. She's 50 now and wondering what'll happen when she reaches retirement age.

Not asking for advice on her behalf, but if I do go away I wouldn't want to end up in that position.

What's the usual practice - continue paying NI here or do you buy into the system of the country in which you're living?

Sorry if this is a stupid question.

OP posts:
kalex · 16/12/2004 17:57

My dad still pays his NI contirbutions, but has lived in SA for 23 yrs, he will be entitled to a full pension!!! AS LONG AS THEY DONT CHANGE THE GOALPOSTS!!!

You can still make your contributions. My Grandad does this for him.


spacedonkey · 16/12/2004 18:02

Thanks kalex, that is helpful. I suppose I could find all this info on some governmental website somewhere, will look!

OP posts:
AMerryScot · 16/12/2004 18:16

You can get your pension paid abroad once you reach retirement age.

If you come back to the UK before retirement age, there is a provision for making back NI payments. I got a letter from the Inland Revenue recently spotting that I had a gap in my payments (when I was in the US) and inviting me to catch up. You are allowed about 5 years off working/caring to still receive the maximum state pension.

If you are working abroad, then you'd be duty bound to make whatever social security payments are required of you.

The UK Pensions Agency has reciprocal agreements with their opposite numbers in other countries. Their website is fairly helpful.

spacedonkey · 16/12/2004 18:18

thanks aMerryScot, that's reassuring to know

although by the time I reach retirement age I wonder if the state pension will still exist

OP posts:
AMerryScot · 16/12/2004 18:19

Yeah, one of the reasons why I am not bothered about missed contributions.

spacedonkey · 16/12/2004 18:21

i'm 36 now - i guess my best plan would be to attempt to buy some property

OP posts:
LIZS · 16/12/2004 18:55

dh continues to pay UK NI contributions. However we think there may be a time limit on this alhtough it may differ if a reciprocal arrangement exists between the two countries such as within the EU.

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