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travel insurace when ttc, for holiday when I will hopefully be pg...?

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happynappies · 05/03/2008 20:14

Can anyone throw any light on this - I'm in the process of booking a UK holiday for July. I'm planning to start ttc in a couple of months, so there is a chance I could be pg when I go on the holiday (although I'd only be about 14 weeks so won't be a problem in terms of being 10 weeks from due date, or flying... or anything like that). What I'm worried about is will travel insurance cover us if, God forbid, we have to cancel the holiday because of a miscarriage or similar? This happened to a friend of mine, and she was unable to go on her holiday because she had to have hospital treatment. I have done a moneysupermarket search and found several reasonably priced policies but am unsure what the situation would be as I'm not actually pg now at the time of taking out the policy. I assume I'd have to let them know if I were to become pg, which is fine... does anyone have any expertise here?

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Hulababy · 05/03/2008 20:16

We always have annual trave insurance, so have inthe past taken in out when TTC and then been pregnant whilst on holiday. Never even thought to tell them about the pregnancy.

happynappies · 05/03/2008 20:26

Tbh when I was pg with my dd I don't think I told the insurance company either... but my friend's experience has made me quite worried. If we did have to cancel, and the insurance company refused to payout, we might as well not have had the insurance policy in the first place? I just wondered if anyone knew a policy that was quite clear about exclusions to do with pg... thanks for your reply though.

OP posts:
Hulababy · 05/03/2008 20:32

Just looked at my insurance and the exclusion relating to pregancy states:

exclusion if more than 28 weeks at date of travel or pregnant at time of taking out the inurance

littlepinkpixie · 06/03/2008 08:43

My insurance was always fine for that, i didnt say anything when booking, as i didnt think that TTC was especially relevant for them to know! My insurance also covered me up to 28 weeks.
I did let them know that I was pregnant, but they werent interested, and it didnt change my policy.

Fizzylemonade · 07/03/2008 18:46

You need to think about the fact that you could just feel incredibly ill!! This happened to me, booked last minute holiday abroad and I was 5 weeks pregnant when I went, felt absolutely dire but you are not covered for returning home for this reason alone.

In my mind it would depend how long you are intending to go for, how far away from home you are going. Also look at "curtailment" insurance and see what they would circumstances they would refund you for.

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