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Does anyone know how long they take to sort out Tax credits? (im desperate)

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lucyellensmum · 04/03/2008 17:45

I applied for ours last week, so im not expecting miracles, but does anyone know how long the process takes, DP is self employed and we have NO money at the moment, lots of bills though, NO money I didn't know we could claim as he is self employed and DD is already 2.5!! Also i have had PND so not been up to much .

Also, has anyone had this money back dated for more than the nominal three months?

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lucyellensmum · 04/03/2008 18:30


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soremummy · 04/03/2008 18:32

Ring them and see if they are dealing with claim , it can help speed it up. don't know if they do backdate more than 3 months dont think they do though

cazboldy · 04/03/2008 18:32

ime about 9 weeks, sorry, as I am sure you didn't want to hear that. not sure about the backdating though.

davidtennantsmistress · 04/03/2008 18:34

keep ringing them, my first one took about 6 weeks I think, this second time (althou as a lone parent) took I think about 2 weeks - but then again I was ringing them every other day so they were prob getting fed up

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