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Do i really HAVE TO pay this much ??

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ChristmasCracker · 15/12/2004 20:24

This is a bit long so bear with me.

When we moved to our flat 3 years ago we owed Npower money for electric used in old property. After being at the flat for a while i arranged to have a pre payment meter installed so that we wouldn't get into any more debt with them and also so we could pay a set amount of the arrears each week. They agreed to me paying 2.66 a week off the meter. It took several phonecalls to get this set up as they kept saying they had done it and they hadn't.

Anyway this arrangement continued with no probs for the whole of the time we were at the property and slowly the bill went down.
When we moved to the house we are in now, we still owed them about 240 and so i rung up to have the account moved over to new address and set up the payments again, only to be told that i couldn't do this because the meter at the new address was already a pre payment meter and they can't transfer old debt to it.

They then wrote to me demanding that i contact them, so i did and they wanted me to pay 41 pounds a month. I told them to go jump as it was ridiculous to expect me to pay nearly 4 times what i was paying before.
They said if i went to the CAB i could fill in a finanical form and then they would see what i could afford. I was going to do this until they told me that whilst they were waiting for me to do this, the costs for court would be added on even though i had contacted them. Basically i then got angry and told them to sod off, if they wanted to take it further they could, as they couldn't get blood out of a stone.

I then recieved a letter from a debt company and rang them up. They have said i have to pay 30 quid a month, i offerd 20 and they refused.
They then said i had to make an immeidate payment of 10 pounds so i did and they sent me a book to pay 30 quid a month.

I have just payed the first one, but this is set to run for the next 7 months and i really can't afford it.

Is there any way i can get it down to 10 maybe ???
They did say something about litigation if i refused to pay, but i haven't a clue what that is, but i do know it would probably mean i got shit loads of costs added on top.

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IwigitcouldbeXmaseveryday · 15/12/2004 20:36

Message deleted

ChristmasCracker · 15/12/2004 20:46

OOOh right sounds good


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