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Nappyzone · 23/02/2008 20:50

Hope someone can advise - since starting own business have business banked with barclays - one year free banking coming to an end so i asked for another year lol! They said no in a nice letter today but advised me i got free transactions for those done virtually or online anyway- well most of mine arent and involve paying post office via debit card and suppliers - every transaction will then cost me 45p which i find a royal rip off. So anyone advise an account that wont skank my eyes out or do i even have to have a business account at all - can i just open another personal one? Please advise...

OP posts:
glassofwhite · 23/02/2008 21:44

Sorry,its crap what the banks charge for business acccounts. I work for a bank,(been on mat leave for 10mths)I dont work on the bus side of it,but have seen many personal accounts where people have deposited large amounts of money or chqs etc and when asked where the monies are coming from they cant give a straight answer.The manager has then passed the accs on for invesitgation,its not worth it you can get into to much bother. look around for another bank to see what they offer. x

BaDaBing · 23/02/2008 21:47

If you bank with Abbey Business you get free business banking forever.

Abbey Business Banking

KatyMac · 23/02/2008 21:47

I wouldn't actually reccommend this as i don't know how good it is but look here

Nappyzone · 23/02/2008 22:22

thankyou ! wow mumsnet is proper sorting my life today lol! Got a tel convo booked with bank on Mon whom i will tel i am going to abbey - they will probs not give a shite but at least i can get over the point that they are robbers!

OP posts:
MoosMa · 23/02/2008 22:43

We get free business banking from Alliance and Leicester (so long as we pay in at least £1500 a month, otherwise there's a £5 charge per month) and we can bank through the post office.

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