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What to do when the bailiffs come?

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madamez · 04/02/2008 21:55

Just want to check I'm right - I think I can make a reasonable offer to pay the debt and refuse to let them in, so they have to go back to court before they can kick the door down. It's farking council tax, by the wayh.

OP posts:
tiredemma · 04/02/2008 21:56

They cant kick the door down.

SenoraPancake · 04/02/2008 21:57

they're not supposed to kick the door down, but some companies know the law better than others. the best thing is to phone the council and make an offer to pay before they come.

PrincessPeaHead · 04/02/2008 21:58

why on earth haven't you made a reasonable offer to pay the debt at a much earlier stage if you are able/willing to do so?
has a warrant been issued yet? phone the council and make the payment asap

littleducks · 04/02/2008 21:59

ooh, council tax has different rules to everything else! ring them and offer to pay, they will charge for visiting you.

crumpet · 04/02/2008 21:59

Be careful and do some more research (esp re having your doors/windows open) I've coped this, but jsut from a quick search so it may not be fully correct:

The Bailiff cannot force entry into a domestic property. The bailiff can walk through an open door, climb over a garden wall, enter through an unlocked door or climb through an open window.

The Bailiff can force entry and seize goods if a debtor defaults on a Walking Possession Agreement.A Walking Possession Agreement can only be made after peaceful entry.

Walking Possession Agreement
This is an agreement signed by the debtor which allows the goods to remain with the debtor as long as they keep to a payment arrangement. However if the debtor defaults on a payment arrangement the bailiff can return, force entry, and seize the goods.

pukkapatch · 04/02/2008 22:01

if you get to bailiffs, then you will have to pay the cost of their coming as well, which really really adds it on.
get an agreement with the council tax people beofre the bailiffs arrange to come over.

MrsTittleMouse · 04/02/2008 22:22

Council tax debt is really really bad. Can you pay it? They should help you to find a payment agreement that you will be able to stick to. Seriously, council tax debt is the only debt that you can still go to prison for.

sugar34plum · 06/02/2008 11:15

Crumpet is that true about climbing over the fence and walking in? Im not expecting a bailiff visit and i feel for anyone that is. But if 1 or even 2 men walked into my house after climbing my 6 ft fence into my garden i would do them both some serious harm!! Seriously can you imagine coming in to say the kitchen and 2 men are strolling through!

I'd have thought that had to be invited in? Im just at that!

Bramshott · 06/02/2008 11:27

As I understand it, they can come in if they can get in in any way. So lock all doors and windows, and if you have to speak to them, do it through the letter box. And yes, get on the phone to the council and try to get something set up for paying.

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