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How long does it take to rebuild a good credit score

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Trix11 · 04/02/2008 15:08

I always had a fairly decent credit score but when I was on maternity leave last year I missed a lot of payments on credit cards and was late making the mortgage payment a few months. Im back on track now and all repayments are made on time and am even over paying on my mortgage and an outstanding loan - how long will it take before I can get credit again?

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Trix11 · 05/02/2008 12:46


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karen999 · 05/02/2008 12:48

Hi, not really sure but didnt want your post to go unanswered! If it were me I would contact a company like Experian. They give you a report of your credit history and I am sure they would be able to help you with your query. Either that or you could contact CAB.

FAQ · 05/02/2008 12:53
karen999 · 05/02/2008 13:04

!! Not long now..

Am going to get DP to go into the attic tonight to get the cot bed down....he hates it up there as well....full of spiders!

FAQ · 05/02/2008 13:15

(sorry thread hi-jack)

Cot bed?? Or do you mean travel cot.......???

karen999 · 05/02/2008 13:25

Sorry, travel cot!! Not quite with it today!

FAQ · 05/02/2008 13:27

are you still up for wine on night??

Actually you know what - I don't have CAT - but let me give you my email address then we can discuss cots (whether it be the bed type or the travel type ) and wine without hijacking threads

gwenick . taff @ ntlworld . com

hopefully · 05/02/2008 15:22

'm not really sure, but I think, although I may be wrong, that anything that's on your credit record stays there for 6 years. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll have bad credit for that long though. My dp managed to improve his credit score in just one year just by being good with payments etc, and he'd got into quite a lot of financial bother. Getting a copy of your credit record from experian or somewhere is definitely a good start, so you know how it is now. You might also be able to challenge any unfair blots on your record, which happens more often than you'd think!

Trix11 · 05/02/2008 16:11

I have access to experian on check my but it does not really tell me much only shows the number of late payments etc. I wonder if after a year of meeting all payments will I be able to get credit again.

Thanks for your responses.

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anniemac · 05/02/2008 16:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

mum2boys2girls · 06/02/2008 10:42

Its definetly SIX YEARS i know as i missed two credit card payments which come of my record this year and i missed them in 2002

Trix11 · 07/02/2008 10:37

Did missing two payments have a very bad effect on you getting further credit then?

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mum2boys2girls · 07/02/2008 21:20

Would you believe it but it has ,would have liked a small loan but was refused could't understand why so i got my credit report and after speaking to Experian they said missing those two payments had impacted my credit rating ,i couldn't believe it everything else on there is perfect never missed mortgage etc... thats why MARTIN Lewis [the money expert] says never miss payments i have found that out the hard way

Trix11 · 08/02/2008 14:29

So have I then

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LaChapponieDeb · 23/02/2008 22:11

5 yrs before the bad marks disappear off your Experian credit rating report.

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