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what shows on the statement when you cash a cheque at royal bank of scotland?

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spongecake · 24/01/2008 22:16

If I change business bank to RBS, does it just show the name of the person or company the cheque was made out to? does it show the bank it was cashed at as well?

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whoops · 24/01/2008 22:19

if it's anything like nat west it would probably just show the cheque number

Karen999 · 25/01/2008 11:58

Think it just shows the cheque number

glassofwhite · 25/01/2008 21:14

I work for natwest which is part of the RBS group and they both just show chq numbers on their accounts when they have been banked. hope this helps x

spongecake · 25/01/2008 21:31

thx all, that is very helpful!

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