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Does anyone know about banking?

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AnnabelCaramel · 24/01/2008 09:18

I need to pay some cash into a friend's account today. Can I just go into my bank and do it or do I have to go into a branch of her bank, which is a different one to mine? (The money needs to clear today so I can't just do it online.)Ta.

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pageturner · 24/01/2008 09:20

I think you probably need to go into a branch of her bank, though even then, you can't be sure...

NatalieJane · 24/01/2008 09:22

I pay money into a seperate bank every month. I have to go into the branch holding the account, but it is there instantly.

AnnabelCaramel · 24/01/2008 09:22

I had a feeling that might be so. Tis a 40 mile round trip to hers I could really do without.....Thank you.

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