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How can I make council repay money they owe me?

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imgens · 22/01/2008 15:43

Can someone please help me before my head explodes with frustration!!

We paid the coucil to carry out some work in Nov 07. The majority of that payment was for one of the utilites to carry out work.

Well its been a complete nightmare. Contractor turned up without warning and started work and then left unfinished saying utility company needed to do their bit before they could finish.

I spent weeks chasing the utility company & coucil to get it done. I came home one afternoon before xmas to find job done. There was also a message to contact the original contractor and when i spoke to him he said utility company didnt get back to him so he went ahead and did the job.

I have therefore paid the council over £700 for work to carried out by utility company and they never touched the property. Contractor said his cost to do it would have been £100ish.

I have been chasing council since xmas to get a refund. Was told on Jan 11th i would be getting one in a week. Guess what? I have had nothing. I have phoned again today and the number i was given isnt working and the other number is a call centre!!!!!

I am at the point of getting a lift down to their office tommorow and refusing to leave until this is sorted, however I would have a toddler in tow and I dont see why she should have to go through this.

Please can anyone help?


ps sorry its so long

OP posts:
sdr · 23/01/2008 14:06

You're best to put it in writing. Makes it harder for them to fob you off. Also Councils must have a formal complaints procedure, so if they continue to give you the run around, then use that.

TheMuppetMuggle · 23/01/2008 14:09

i agree with sdr - put in writing keep a copy of the letter and send recorded delivery and they must have some sort of complaints procedure they follow.

mrspnut · 23/01/2008 14:32

I third it - put it in writing to the head of the department you're in dispute with and copy it to your local ward councillor and MP.

Tell them that you expect a satisfactory conclusion within 7 days or you are taking it to the chief executive of the council.

imgens · 23/01/2008 14:36

Thank you both for replying

I phoned a number yesterday advertised as dealing with complaints & they would'nt deal with it as a complaint just referred me back to the department concerned!

Im sat here waiting for a promised phone call. Dont think it will happen. They have an online complaints form but you have to wait five days just to find out who is dealing with it. Going to write to overall head of department tonight when DD is tucked up in bed.

I wonder what kind of action they would be taking if this was the other way round and I owed them £700?!

OP posts:
imgens · 23/01/2008 14:39

mrspnut - thank you aswell, I will copy it as suggested and add the conclusion bit.

OP posts:
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