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Would my old solicitors company have my divorce file still?

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Alambil · 19/01/2008 20:19

Divorce went through in (errrr) 2003 or possibly 2004.

The lawyer that dealt with it has gone on to another firm, but would the company still have the file?

I am thinking it would be helpful in another case I'm thinking of bringing to court about changing DS surname.

Would I be allowed to have the file or would the solicitors have to keep it?

Also, do you know if I can take a name-change-without-agreement-from-ex case to court on legal aid?


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ManxMum · 19/01/2008 20:26

They have to keep records, but they may be in storage.

Did you go to court?

ManxMum · 19/01/2008 20:27

and you can name change at anytime, BUT ex has to agree to kids changes.

ManxMum · 19/01/2008 20:29

(must learn to read slowly)
ask legal aid board/solicitor.

Are you changing for a new partner or anonimity?

Alambil · 19/01/2008 20:42

No, neither - just because ex forced me to hyphenate it and due to the DV I can't stand even seeing his name written down.

School only verbalise the first half so DS thinks his name is the same as mine.

Sperm donor hasn't been in contact for going on 2.5 years now (hasn't seen DS since he was 2.5ish) and didn't send birthday or christmas presents this year. He was told in court that he could have any amount of indirect contact he wished (there has been none - other than an e-mail to me saying he doesn't want anything to do with DS any more) and he was granted contact in a centre but wouldn't take the offer up (hence the no contact).

I think I have a strong case to change DS name to drop the hyphen bit but I know that ex would say no through sheer spite and venom - even though he said he wants no more to do with him because he is remarried and has another kid (well, at least 1 other) now.

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