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No tax credits or CSA payments!

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workinggirl1 · 19/01/2008 17:18

Hello all. This is my first post so thanks in advance for any help.

I split from my ex when my DD was 18 months old and she is now 12. He has never helped financially in any way even when i ask he states he doesnt have it or will give me something when he gets paid, but never does. However, i have always allowed my DD to him which she does every weekend and some evenings as he only lives a five minute walk away. I have always worked and recieved tax credits towards her and childcare but when my current partner moved in with me in 2001 i knew i would have to declare this to them, which i did and they stopped any money.

Therefore i attempted to claim through the CSA as i didnt think it fare to expect my new partner to support someone elses child. To cut a long story short he evaded them and they gave up chasing finally writing to me to say that my case was closed as they were unable to locate him! Hes self employed, doesnt pay his taxes and when they wrote to his employer the employer, being his friend, denied he worked for him. They did turn up at his house once but he just fobbed them off saying he did pay me cash in hand. He doesnt.

So i am unable to claim benefits towards supporting her because my partner, who also pays £400 per month to his ex wife for his two kids, earns a police officers wage. I am also unable to obtain CSA as they have told me they cant do anything else to find him. I think its unfair that one governement agency can stop my tax credits when the other one cant make my ex pay me child support. Surely i should have one or the other?

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babyblue2 · 20/01/2008 08:36

Sorry I can't help but will bump it for you. Hope someone comes along with advice

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