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ex employer witholding pay......

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zephyrcat · 26/11/2004 10:11

DP left his job a couple of weeks ago. He was paid a month in hand with them, the new job he has taken is a bit of a risk but because he had a month in hand we would survive. However! Yesterday he got his p45 and wageslip in the post and they have only paid him for the last two weeks plus a bit of overtime, when we were expecting a full months pay today, then the couple of weeks pay in a months time - thats how 'month in hand' works isn't it? So they have basically missed out a whole months pay and we are in serious trouble now with rent.
He just called them and they said they would ring them back with the head office number. He was also promised a £25 argos voucher for introducing a new customer - which is the least of our worries but also seems to have disappeared because he left!!
Any ideas on where he stands? Ideally he wants to be able to phone head office and say 'either sort it out today or I will contact.......' But he doesnt know who to say he will contact to kick them into touch! Can anyone help?

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WigandRobe · 26/11/2004 10:36

Message deleted

zephyrcat · 26/11/2004 10:38

thanks w&r - we're not very well at the mo!!!

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WigandRobe · 26/11/2004 11:22

Message deleted

zephyrcat · 26/11/2004 11:28

Hiya w&r I'm just waiting for him to get back to me - he's trying to work it all out - according to head office he's been paid correctly. Will come back to you soon as he calls

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dibooth · 03/12/2004 20:27


I generally l find this advice is fast and free from ACAS.

Sorry I haven't got a number for you - can't find my mobile - they make them so small the kids think they're toys and mine gets lost for days!!

good luck!

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