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Info for MIL- practicalities and possibilities of moving to UK at 64yo

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Honneybunny · 04/01/2008 14:24

Not sure where to post this but was just wondering if anyone could possibly give me some help/advice on this.

My MIL's marriage is at the point of breaking up , very long story, that i won't post here just now. She has almost no family in her home country (Canada), but dh and I and our two ds-s live in UK, as well as her brother and his partner.

She has expressed the wish to move over here, but we have no idea of practicalities/possibilities of this: she is almost 65, would therefore not work over here, would require NHS/medical care (she is on rebound from colon cancer and has quite severe arthritis), etc. I read somewhere that as long as you would be finiancially independent (ie not require social benefits) you could live in UK unlimited, even at high age.
Does anyone know if this is true? We (dh and I) are both expats, and not sure where to start looking for answers.
Thanks for reading!

OP posts:
poppy34 · 04/01/2008 19:33

don't know -have you tried looking at the Uk passport or similar site as I'm fairly sure that has pretty detailed info on coming to live in the uk?

BetsyBoop · 04/01/2008 22:44

checkout this site

this bit covers the qualifying conditions for relatives.

Honneybunny · 05/01/2008 12:03

thanks to both of you. i had a look at the sites you suggested betsy, and it looks like MIL could come over either as a dependent relative, or as an independent relative. i think dh and i will go and have a chat at a CAB just to check re. healthcare, as this is an important issue for MIL, and it is not completely clear to me if this would be included/free or not....

OP posts:
BetsyBoop · 05/01/2008 16:50

this bit explains the healthcare situation & there is also a hepline number

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